SHEIN Review: Skip or Buy?

Nowadays, many people are starting to want to wear clothes for Tiktok or Instagram trends. That’s where some companies like Shein and Romwe come in.

Founded by Chris Xu, Shein focuses mainly on women’s trendy clothing, but also sells kid’s clothes and men’s clothes. Sure, you could find some cute clothes on Amazon, but it can usually range from $5-$50. I mean…I like nice clothing, but $35 for a pink sweatshirt? Really? So that’s why a lot of people are buying stuff from Shein. They beat Old Navy’s prices, Amazon’s, and sometimes even Shein’s competition, Romwe. A super cute cropped T-shirt is usually just $3-$10.

Now, I always saw my friends getting clothing from Shein, but I never fully looked into it. One day, I was scrolling through YouTube and decided to check out one of my friends’ YouTube channel. The first thing that comes up? Shein Haul. I ended up watching the entire 30 minute video, and my life had changed fully. Next thing I know, I’m on their site buying literally everything I see. Here’s a Shein review, basically telling you everything you need to know.


So, the very first pro would obviously be the extremely low prices. The quality is amazing, but that’s not all. At Shein, it apparently is not only about the comfort. It’s also the looks. You could get the cutest, comfiest shirt for only $5. And, not only do they have clothes for you, your partner and kids, they also have the cutest animal outfits, hats, and more. While they mainly specialize in clothes, Shein also has really nice decor, phone cases, shoes, hats, accessories and more. I think the most expensive thing I’ve ever seen on Shein is $30, but it was for this crazy fancy dress. I mean, I think this shop is pretty cool by what I’ve seen.


While there are very few cons, I still feel like there are a few slightly annoying things, the first being shipping. Ohhh, shipping. It takes 2 whole weeks…I just want my clothes, guys! Though…if you do go to Shein’s Amazon shop, you will get your clothes much faster. However, the clothing looks different and has less options, as well as being a bit more expensive on Amazon. The second con is actually misleading sizes. Several times I have gotten shirts from Shein and have been disappointed that it’s extremely small. Not only that, but sometimes there are cropped shirts on their store, but it never lists or says that. The very, very last con is the fabric can be itchy. While this is rare, it still happens regularly, though to me it has only been twice out of my 5 times ordering.

As you can tell, Shein is pretty cool. While I would recommend buying clothes from Shein, be careful and always take a second glance before clicking ‘purchase.’ I’ve known or seen people that love Shein so much they’ve bought over 100 things. No joke. Hopefully that proves to you that Shein isn’t so bad, and I’d 100% recommend giving it a try. Buy! Get it? Like ‘Bye!’ except ‘Buy!’ because of buying clothes?! No? Okay, sorry, I tried.

Hi! I’m Anne. I’ve been critiquing films for over 10 years! I currently reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my husband and 4 kids…two of them being furry!