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So. Yep. Billie Eilish is going on a spree of scandals these past few weeks. Her controversial boyfriend, calling her fans ‘embarrassing’, the slur. Now, it’s her favorite cartoon character, Cindy McPhearson from The Boondocks. The character is extremely controversial, mainly because of the fact that she is completely oblivious…

Nowadays, many people are starting to want to wear clothes for Tiktok or Instagram trends. That’s where some companies like Shein and Romwe come in.

Founded by Chris Xu, Shein focuses mainly on women’s trendy clothing, but also sells kid’s clothes and men’s clothes. Sure, you could find some cute…

Yesterday, families all over the world watched Disney+’s new film, Cruella, starring Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. While the film manages a good plot and sublime acting, there could be more to this film.

Emma Stone pleases audiences with her pleasant role of Estella, or, Cruella de Vil. The thing…

ABC’s new sitcom ‘Home Economics’ comes out tomorrow, much attention expected

After being picked up by ABC, ‘Home Economics’ has since become popular with billboards and advertisements going from home to home. The new comedy series is only one day away from streaming, and it’s definitely expecting some attention.


Anna Bezt

Hi! I’m Anne. I’ve been critiquing films for over 10 years! I currently reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my husband and 4 kids…two of them being furry!

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